Empowering the next power generation

Published on December 13, 2011
Chaperones Vanessa Patey (far left) and Anne Shears-Payne (far right) with students who attended the conference, Shellden Biggin, Morgan Goosney-Parsons, Vanessa Brown, Samantha Wentzell and (front) Tiffany Payne and Kristy Caines. — Submitted photo


Cow Head could be home to some of the next generation of employees in the oil and gas industry.

Six Long Range Academy girls and two chaperones, Vanessa Patey and Anne-Shears Payne, recently took part in a three-day conference in Corner Brook hosted by “Let’s Talk Science” from Memorial University and Exxon Mobil.

But they nearly didn’t make it at all. Patey said the school was given one day of notice that the conference was on.

“We received an email and the deadline was the next day, so I went to each of the house rooms and put the word out,” she said.

There was no shortage of interest, but of the nine girls who originally wanted to go, only six could make it.

The six who did attend the conference had an informative and empowering time, Patey said.

“For some of them this was the first time they’d been to a conference like this, so it was a real eye opener,” she said.

The girls from grades 10 to 12 attended sessions during the day on oil and natural gas and were given information on jobs for women in the field.

Three of the six local girls were selected as CEOs of a various made up oil companies who had to purchase various oil wells offshore and onshore and had to problem solve and make some serious decisions regarding money, Patey said.

“Despite their shy nature in our school, these girls were confident and empowered to show their leadership skills.

“This was a great learning experience for our girls and they showed great leadership skills. As teachers, it was a very proud moment,” Patey said.

“The girls from our school were happy to be picked and they were very excited to learn about potential jobs for their future.”


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