New magazine Vixon ready to roll

Publication aims to cover local fashion and cultural scene

Daniel MacEachern
Published on October 5, 2012

Michael Evoy’s ready to launch. The owner of the new Goulds-based Vixon magazine is due to bring out the first issue early next month.

“It’s a fashion magazine, really, but we do have pop culture into it, and we do have mostly local stuff into it, to keep everyone entertained and show off Newfoundland talents,” said Evoy.

It won’t be strictly local, though, said Evoy — the first issue drew on connections Evoy has through work he’s done with MuchMusic to land interviews with singer Justin Bieber and Degrassi actor Munro Chambers.

“I’m trying to get more of the young adults interested into it, but I still want to have that little bit of a teen vibe as well, so it can be open to pretty much anyone.”

Evoy, 22, said he started the magazine because of his love of photography. He started by taking pictures of his sister and her friends, which progressed into being asked to take family portraits for people.

“I always wanted to do fashion photography. That was my dream, pretty much,” he said, adding that his work shooting celebrities at the Junos in St. John’s a couple of years ago inspired him to pursue that line of work further.

The launch hasn’t been without challenges. The first issue was supposed to come out in early October but was delayed due to printing issues.

The magazine was also originally called Flaunt, but Evoy found there was already a magazine in California with that name. Hence Vixon, which Evoy intentionally misspelled.

“V-i-x-o-n is just because I was afraid that I was going to find one that was ‘V-i-x-e-n,’ but there’s no Vixen magazine out there now.”

Actually, a quick Google search indicates there are — although the search results aren’t anything people are advised to explore on a work computer.

But Evoy says the misspelling also makes the magazine a little different.

And he’s hoping to hear from Newfoundlanders in the fashion and cultural world with something to share.

“We’re always looking for different artists, actors, models and stuff,” he said. “We just want to show off every kind of variety. We don’t want to have just the skinny, skinny girls. I want to show off the curvy girls as well. I want to have all sizes, different faces as well.”

Newfoundland doesn’t have much of a fashion industry, said Evoy, but he’s hoping his magazine helps to build it.

“I just want to be able to give something back to Newfoundland,” he said, adding it’s difficult for aspiring models in the province to get work that might open doors elsewhere. “I want to give an opportunity to show off their talents.”

The first issue is due out in November. Until then, readers can search Vixon Magazine in Facebook.

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