Developer proposes six-storey apartment building on LeMarchant

Published on January 22, 2014
The site of a proposed condominium development at 120 LeMarchant Road in St. John’s. — Submitted photo

The city of St. John’s is considering a proposal for a new condominium apartment complex on LeMarchant Road.

RJC Services, on behalf of PAR Holdings, has applied to have the property at 120 LeMarchant — formerly Harrington School and Lawrence College, now home to various groups and businesses, including a child centre and dance studio — rezoned to allow the development of a six-storey building with 64 units, with parking provided in two basement levels.

“The good thing about this in terms of — looking at it overall in the city — you’re on a main route, LeMarchant, which has a whole variety of development along it,” said Ken O’Brien, the city’s chief municipal planner, at the planning and development standing committee meeting Tuesday.

“And you’re also, in terms of height, you’re up near the top of the bowl looking over the harbour. Often, if you’re going to look at taller buildings, it’s often better to put them on the high land, because you’re not blocking views for people down below.”

The committee approved sending it to council for consideration.

The rezoning would require a land-use assessment report  and a public meeting chaired by a member of council and a public hearing chaired by an independent commissioner.