New Oceanex ship returning to service

Propeller issue kept $108-million Connaigra docked in Boston for repairs

Published on January 27, 2014
The Oceanex Connaigra arrives in St. John’s harbour in October 2013 on its maiden voyage from Germany. — Photo by Keith Gosse/The Telegram

A new $108-million container ship that was taken out of service shortly after its public unveiling in St. John’s because of propeller issues will soon get back to handling cargo.

Problems with the Oceanex Connaigra were first identified in mid-November. It initially docked in Halifax and later moved to Boston, where it remained while waiting for new parts to be completed.

“We were waiting for parts to be made in a factory, so it was done over the Christmas period and it just took some time,” said Capt. Sid Hynes, Oceanex’s executive chairman.

Hynes told The Telegram the ship was scheduled to depart from Boston on Saturday before making its way to Montreal.

The 210-metre container ship is the largest of its kind to fly a Canadian flag and was built in Germany by Flensburger Shipyard.

The ship was publicly unveiled in October. Hynes previously told The Telegram the vessel’s inactivity would not adversely affect the shipment of goods, as ships were operating at approximately 70 per cent capacity. The MV Cabot joined the Oceanex Avalon on voyages between Montreal and St. John’s while the Connaigra underwent its repairs.

Information on Oceanex’s website indicated the Connaigra was making its sixth trip from Montreal when the propeller issues were identified. The Cabot, which Oceanex has been attempting to sell, is 185 metres long and was built in 1979.