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When Jaime Murphy talks about travel and the wonderful experiences that it offers today, you can hear the excitement in her voice. The founding member of the Magical Trips TPI Travel Team, Jaime opened her own independent travel agency; Magical Trips Inc. under the TPI (Travel Professionals International) banner eight years ago. She moved ahead rapidly in the TPI network and today she is a trusted travel planner with seven successful independent travel advisors from across the Province part of her TPI travel team.

Jaime Murphy says “education is important in my business so I am continually training, attending conferences and visiting destinations to stay current.”

As well, Jaime is proud of her membership in Virtuoso, billed as “Specialists in the art of travel”. As she says, “being a member of Virtuoso means I can connect my clients with the world’s best travel suppliers, allowing me to offer special promotions and benefits to truly create magical vacations.

“For me as an advisor, it means I am always learning about global travel, and the wonderfully changing world it truly is.  It means as well that I have amazing contacts and can offer my clients experiences that are not easily found elsewhere.

”Jaime goes beyond trip planning. She can recommend the kind of holiday that truly appeals to your dreams. And she tailors your trip to your wishes. Her goal is to have you and your family return home with lasting wonderful memories.

Your signature product?

Says Jaime, “Disney Vacations (parks, resorts, cruises); European vacations (guided trips, river cruises) and cruise vacations. Only recently I returned from Southeast Asia where I experienced a cruise on the Mekong river with AMA Waterways.  Our journey started in Vietnam and ended in Cambodia – simply amazing!”

People are surprised to know

“That I travel widely myself. It’s all about recommending places to see and stay. I offer my clients my first-hand experience.  And I want to point out that I am here for my clients even during their vacations. I know who is travelling where, at all times. And I can be contacted by email or phone after hours. My clients are often pleasantly surprised at the extra perks and amenities I get for them through my network of travel experts and other companies.”

Your inspiration in business

“When I hear repeat customers with encouraging comments like ‘I trust you … you’re doing what you do best’ … well, that inspires me.”

Guilty pleasure?

I love living through other people’s trips. It brings me great pleasure hearing about my clients’ vacations and seeing their pictures.”

Secret to your success?

People like having the help of an experienced travel planner. When you think of it, it just makes good sense. Rarely do we charge for our services. We have all kinds of networks and contacts –airlines, hotels, resorts, the cruise lines know us. They know our work. They pay us for bringing them happy holiday-makers and they don’t charge extra to our clients. The rates are the same whether a holiday-goer books with us or direct. “I also feel education is important to my success and so I am continually training, attending conferences and visiting destinations to remain current as a Certified Travel Counsellor under the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies.”
Jaime Murphy
20 Jonesberry Crescent
Paradise, NL.
Telephone 709-368-6636.
Toll-free 877-361-6636.

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