Fortune teens take over grandfather’s hotdog stand

In the Dawg House  

Published on June 30, 2017

Ashley and Anna Hickman can be found most days on Main Street in Fortune at their summer business, The Dawg House.

©Colin Farrell/ The Southern Gazette

FORTUNE, NL – A small crowd could be seen gathered around a hot dog cart in the town of Fortune on June 23, and some tourists from the nearby islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon even stopped to pose for pictures.

Creatively named “The Dawg House,” the stand is run by 13-year-old Anna Hickman, and her 11-year-old sister, Ashley.
The girls’ grandfather, Phil Mavin, ran the cart for two years before retiring from the hot dog business at the age of 65.
“When my pop retired, he asked me and my sister if we wanted to start selling hot dogs for a summer job,” Anna told The Southern Gazette, “so we took over when school ended, and here we are.”
She said she has enjoyed operating the cart so far with one exception: “I don’t like that I have to wake up kind of early,” she said.
Except for the grill, which is run by their father, Tom Hickman, Anna said she and her sister look after the business side of things and keep track of supplies.
The stand is open depending on their father’s work schedule, said Anna, and will only open on certain days during the week.
“My dad does shift work,” she said. “When he works night shifts we’re here, and when he works day shifts we don’t do it - we don’t do Sunday’s either.”
Anna said the hotdog stand gave her something to do to earn money over the summer.
“We wanted to keep the business in the family, and (my grandfather) was planning on selling it anyway,” she said. “There’s not many places to work around here in the summer, so we thought it would be a good opportunity.”