TSB releases report into Air Canada Flight 624 Halifax accident

Air Canada flight 624 rests off the runway after landing at Stanfield International Airport in Halifax on Sunday, March. 29, 2015.


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is holding a news conference today to make public its investigation report into the March 29, 2015 "collision with terrain" involving Air Canada Flight 624 at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, N.S.

Watch the release here:

A timeline of Air Canada flight 624

HALIFAX — Here is a timeline of the sequence of events in the crash of Air Canada flight 624 as it landed in Halifax March 29, 2015:

Saturday, 8:55 p.m. ET

• Air Canada flight 624 is scheduled to leave Toronto for Halifax and arrive at about midnight AT, but passengers say it circles when it arrives because of bad weather.

Sunday, 12:43 a.m. AT

• The Airbus A320 with 133 passengers and five crew members hits an antenna array that was part of the airport's instrument landing system and loses its landing gear.

• The Transportation Safety Board of Canada says a power line is also severed and the airport loses its electricity.

• The plane touches down about 335 metres short of the runway.

• The aircraft skids for another 335 metres on the asphalt, losing one engine and leaving a trail of debris, before it comes to a stop.

• The airport authority says the plane was evacuated within 60 seconds and emergency responders arrive on the scene within 90 seconds.

• Some passengers say it takes more than an hour before they board buses to be taken inside, causing the airport to review its response. The airport says it took 40 to 50 minutes to remove passengers from the scene of the crash.

Sunday, 2:12 a.m. AT

• Nova Scotia Power tweets that it has restored power to the airport.

(SOURCE: Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Air Canada, Nova Scotia Power)