Adventurer T.A. Loeffler abandons bid for Everest summit, but may make new attempt

Staff ~ The Telegram
Published on May 17, 2010
T.A. Loeffler. Telegram file photo

St. John's adventurer T.A. Loeffler remains at Mount Everest base camp in Nepal after deciding on Saturday to abandon a summit bid.
On her website, Loeffler states in her Saturday post: "I had to abandon my summit bid due to a complex bunch of factors, some relating to a sense of a lack of resiliency and not being sure it made sense to go up to 8,000m without a deep well of reserve. Recognizing how tied my body was from fighting all these infections, living at altitude for seven weeks and I'm not sure I exactly remembered why I wanted to climb the mountain, and I couldn't reconcile taking that kind of risk."
In her post today, Loeffler appears to be considering another summit attempt should the opportunity arise.
"It's been a day where a teammate and I have been considering if we would avail of another wave of summit rotations if there is another wave. The members who didn't attempt last night will be polled, once they have had time to catch their breath, if they would like to have another go. That's when we will know if another wave is happening some time in the vicinity of May 22-24.
"According to our weather reports the weather during that window looks highly variable, and also it appears a monsoon is starting to form over the bay of Bengal so it may be that time is running out for this season on Everest."
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