Corey and Trina songstress dead at 56

Danette Dooley
Published on July 6, 2007

For over two decades, the husband-and-wife recording artists affectionately known throughout the province as Corey and Trina bought their own special blend of music and laughter to Newfoundlanders of all ages.

Trina (nee Fulford) Crewe passed away in Calgary Thursday, after a short battle with stomach cancer. She was originally from Merasheen Island, Placentia Bay.

The couples silly skits left their audiences in stitches and built for them a loyal fan base through the 1970s and 80s.

Uncle Corey was as foolish as a hen and Trina would get in on the act, says Trinas nephew, Shawn Fulford. Whatever was timely at the time, thats what theyd make fun of. (Corey) did a hilarious version of Bruce Springsteens Born in the U.S.A. but called it born in Placentia Bay.

A child during the couples heyday on stage, Fulford recalls being sneaked into the bars as an underage teenager to watch his aunt and uncle perform in his hometown of Marystown.

What strikes me about that now was they could come to the Burin Peninsula and play a bunch of shows in every little bar up there and every show would be blocked with people having a grand time and very appreciative they came.

Fulfords father Don (Crewes brother) wrote the song The Northern Lights of Labrador, for which Crewe was perhaps best known for performing and recording.

Fulford said his aunt and uncle moved to Alberta in the mid-1990s. Sadly, Crewe was 56 at the time of her death.

The Fulford family, like a number of Newfoundland families, has a gene present that, if a person has it, that person has about a 90 per cent chance of getting stomach cancer, he said.

After learning about Crewes battle with cancer, Newfoundland music icon Sandy Morris shared his memories of the couple on Facebook. Morris wrote how he followed Corey and Trina around the music scene for what seems like centuries.

We were contemporaries and colleagues and fans of one another, he wrote.

Morris also wrote about the opportunity he had, a year or so ago, to cover The Northern Lights of Labrador with fellow musician Erin Best on a compilation CD.

I had to make Erin listen to Trina's original version before I

was comfortable with recording it. Not that she imitated Trina, but that original version was so definitive and solid that I felt that Erin who is a fabulous singer herself and whose family comes from Merasheen would love to have the history and background of the tune before she interpreted it.

The last time Morris ran into

the couple was

at the Fairmont Newfoundland hotel in St. Johns several years ago.

The next day Corey called and invited me to a barbeque. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Wish I had my time back, Morris wrote.

In addition to her husband Corey and daughter Corina (David Byrne), Trina leaves behind her granddaughter Elizabeth, her mother Leona Jarvis, and many other relatives and friends. Funeral services in St. Johns will be announced at a later date.

Anyone wishing to send condolences to the family can do so by logging in to and searching the groups for Corey

and Trina. E-mails can also be sent to