Toronto drivers get scenic view from Newfoundland window

Staff ~ The Telegram
Published on July 11, 2008
The window billboard as seen over the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto is being used to entice tourists to this province. Provincial government photo

Drivers in Toronto have been getting a glimpse out a window in this province for the last three weeks.
A giant 3-D billboard over the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto - a part of Newfoundland and Labrador's Fresh Air campaign - is an attempt to tempt travellers to visit this province on their holidays.
The local scenery is seen through the window, which includes actual billowing curtains, was hand-painted by an artist and hung 60 feet above the highway.
"Newfoundland and Labrador is an ideal location for a change of scenery," said Tourism Minister Clyde Jackman, in a release today. "As a department we are excited about this new addition to our campaign. It's something we've never done before, and it's a really original idea and execution within the Toronto advertising market. The best way to communicate a message to people is to show them, rather than simply tell them. That's what this superboard is all about."
The Fresh Air campaign also includes a giant 3-D clothesline superboard in Ottawa; humorous sponsorships of daily air quality and weather reports on local radio stations in Ottawa and Toronto; contest promotions; and, various other advertising and marketing elements.
The Toronto superboard will stay up until mid-August.
To see how the billboard was painted, please visit: