Arts and Letters award winners announced

Staff ~ The Telegram
Published on April 17, 2010

The winners of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters competition have been named.

The winners in the senior visual art category, as selected by Michael Pittman, Anita Singh and Janet Davis, will each receive a $1,000 prize.
Of the 213 entries the winners were:

David Baltzer for "St. John's #11 (Harvey Road)" (oil on canvas)
Pia Banzhaf for "Away" (photography)
Lynda Barry for "Untitled" (charcoal/acrylic/oil)
Margaret Best for "Centaurea Nigra: Invasive Alien Plants of Newfoundland and Labrador" (watercolor)
Elly Cohen for "On the Beach" (acrylic on canvas)
Susan Duff for "Trinity Mussels" (hooked rug)
Jenny Dwyer for "These Tired Frames" (mixed media on paper)
Peter Drysdale for "God's Flowers" (recycled art)
Michael Fantuz for "Delta to the Narrows" (oil on canvas)
David Kaarsemaker for "Dream" (oil on canvas)
Jiin Kim for "Forest of Invisibility" (acrylic)
Jim Maunder for "These Shoes" (encaustic on panel)
Terry Nicholls for "Drokes" (glass mosaic)
Jonathan O'Dea for "Fragility" (pastel on paper)
Darren Whalen for "Madeline" (oil on canvas)

There were 153 entries in the junior visual arts category, which garners a $250 prize. John McDonald and Karen Channing selected these winners:

Patrick Butler for "Deaf by Intent" (digital photography)
Flora Chubbs for "Moon over Outer Cove" (recycled glass mosaic)
Hannah Debourke for "Wild Flowers in a Vase" (chalk pastel)
Matthew Walton for "Waterside Houses" (pencil/crayons)
Stephen Brace for "The Condition of Being Perfect" (photography)
Zea Cline for "I Drew a Blank" (acrylic)
Kaleigh Middelkoop for "Calm Before the Storm" (digital photography)
Clara Pollard for "Poverty is Invisible" (pencil)
Miranda Roxon for "Untitled" (unique bookwork)
Ryan Snow for "We don't get no Tornadoes round 'ere" (charcoal)

There were 111 entries in the senior poetry category, which comes with a $1,000 prize. George Murray and Stephen Rowe selected the six winners.

Jacob Bachinger for "Slow Life"
Marlene Creates for "The Very First Thing"
Randy Drover for "Stew"
Grant Loveys for "Flame Bay"
Kristopher Pittman for "Innisfree"
Susan Rendell for "Bridegroom After the Wedding"

There were 187 entries in the junior poetry category, which comes with a $250
Duncan Major and Andreae Callanan selected the 10 winners.

Isobel Bradley for "Between the Gaps"
Stephen Cole for "The Rich Irishman"
Robert Patten for "You, My Evergreen"
Theo Stylianides for "The Quartet"
Abuk Tong for "My First Demonstrative"
Erin Langor for "À la Mode"
Ellen Power for "Daydreamer"
Virginia Shewfelt for "The Dilemma"
Jake Smith for "Can't Wait"
Victoria Walsh for "Metal"

Shoshanna Wingate and Michael Crummey selected the five Senior Short Fiction $1,000 prizewinners from the 88 entries. The winners are:

Ian Foster of St. John's for "A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot's Encore Performance"
Karen Rowe of Gander for "Deepest Harbour"
Catherine Hogan Safer of St. John's for "Joe's Story"
Leslie Vryenhoek of St. John's for "Tick"
Aimee Wall of St. John's for "Thaw"

Marjorie Doyle selected the $1,000 winner in the Senior Non-fictional Prose category from 30 entries. The three winners are:

Andrew Barker of Grand Falls - Windsor for "Lunch Baskets"
Lesleyanne Ryan from Holyrood for "Risk"
Reg Wright from Gander for "A Newfoundland History (Abridged)"

D. Jean Young and Ramona Dearing selected the 10, $250 prizewinners from the 64 entries in the Junior Prose category. They are:

Mikaela Clark-Gardner from St. John's for "Name Tripping"
Alexandra Trnka-MacGillivray from St. John's for "Flatscreen"
Mary Niamh McGettigan from Harbour Main for "Mattie"
Sarah Spurrell of St. John's for "Warm Enough to Melt Winter"
Samantha Dalley of Churchill Falls for "The Brightest Star"
Allie Davis from Clarenville for "Mine, Ours"
Alexe Hanlon of St. Philip's for "A Vertical Ballet"
Laura Howells from St. John's for "The Hill"
Thomas Niles of Goose Bay for "War and Hemp Fuel"
Maggie Way of St. Lawrence for "A Little Bit Lonely"

Ruth Lawrence selected the $1,000 prizewinners of the senior dramatic script category from 12 entries. The winners were:

Tommy Gushue from St. John's for "The Haunted (Dead Man's Pond) Pilot"
Justin Simms of St. John's for "The Infinity Plays"

There were 19 entries in the Senior Musical Composition category, which comes with a $1,000 prize. Anita Best and Rob Power selected the four winners.

Jessica Blenis from St. John's for "Tapstyles"
Darren Browne from St. John's for "New Barn"
Jason Noble of Maddox Cove for "The Flood"
Clark Ross of St. John's for "Scarlet Daybreak and Nightfall"

There were 16 entries in the Junior Musical Composition, which comes with a $250 prize. Selected by Anita Best and Rob Power the winners are:

J.C. Conor Curtis of Corner Brook for "Symphony No.1"
Charlotte-Anne Malischewski from St. John's for "Elizabeth-Anne's Jig"
Brittany Bishop of Cupids for "Connection"
Scotty Hann of Stephenville for "The Emperors Dream"

Neria Aylward of St. John's won the Junior French Literary award and $250 prize that goes along with it for "L'hÔtesse." Camille Fouillard also chose Michel Savard's $1,000 winning "PriÈre pour un Lundi" from seven entries in the senior category.
Melanie Oates from Fermeuse won the coveted Percy Janes First Novel Award for her novel "Hanging from the Ceiling." The novel was the best of 12 read and judged by Michelle Butler-Hallett. The award comes with a $1,500 prize.
Joanne Harris selected Jamie Lewis of Logy Bay (junior division) and Sandra Martland of St. John's (senior division) as the winners of the David C. Saxon Humanitarian Essay Competition.
They were asked to write an essay that promotes world peace and harmony called "Does Peace Have a Price Tag?"
The winners were announced at an invitation-only event at The Rooms this evening.
In all, about 70 awards were handed out in literary, musical and visual arts categories.
Visual artist Elayne Greeley presented the junior division awards (ages 12-18), while Culture Minister Terry French handed out the adult division awards.