Calgary’s Kate mistaken for prince’s bride-to-be

Newfoundland-born lawyer good humoured about stares, comments

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Published on April 26, 2011

Calgary — They share the same first name, they’re the same age and have the same good looks.

But one is a royal bride-to-be, the other is a Calgary lawyer.

Calgarian Kate Ryder, who was born in St. John’s in 1982, has made heads turn with her stunning resemblance to Kate Middleton, who is set to marry Prince William next week.

She has grown used to the lingering looks and doubletakes.

It was the encounter at a Ranchmen’s Club function a few years ago, with an elderly lady who “couldn’t get over the resemblance and just wanted to hug me,” when Ryder realized just how much she looked like another brunette named Kate — Prince William’s bride-to-be, Catherine Middleton.

The hoopla around the upcoming royal nuptials has only added to the Calgarian’s reflected celebrity.

“I’ve had a lot of people coming up to me and telling me I look like her; some very strange, long stares in Safeway, Tim Hortons and Starbucks,” Ryder says, laughing.

Apart from the looks and first name, the Calgarian also shares the same middle name, Elizabeth, and up until a couple of weeks ago were the same age, 29.

However, Ryder has already had her wedding. She got married eight months ago. And her husband isn’t William, he’s Jon.

The spotlight on the Calgarian became brighter this week after her photos for a Kate Middleton lookalike contest in Chicago were published.

Ryder posed in a designer dress similar to the one Middleton wore in her famous engagement photos.

“She’s a great model,” Ryder says of Middleton. “If a colour looks great on her, it looks good on me.”

The lawyer at a large oil and gas company is good-natured about the resemblance.

She says she isn’t planning to market her doppelganger status, simply enjoying the hype — for now.

“I’m sure if in 20 years’ time people are still saying it, it’s going to get old.”

While she’s no fan of the Royal Family, like millions of others who are taking in the royal nuptials on April 29, Ryder says she’s sure to pick up a style tip or two from Middleton.

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