Shannon Tweed-Simmons gets own video game

Kissing groupies goodbye

Published on March 29, 2012

Gene Simmons’ slew of female groupies were no doubt taken aback when he professed his undying love to Shannon Tweed-Simmons at their televised wedding ceremony, and now Tweed-Simmons is fighting them off superhero-style in a video game inspired by her life with the KISS star.

“Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies” game for iPhone and iPad was released in Canada on iTunes Tuesday.

The idea for the game came about early last year, when the couple was attending the Atlantic Brand Confabulation — a networking and informational event about personal and business branding, produced by momentum Group and hosted by Shelley Chase of St. John’s — and met Gogii Games president George Donovan.

Based in Moncton, Gogii has development teams around the world, and is responsible for games such as “Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse,” “Escape the Museum” and “The Hidden Object Show.”

“George asked me if I had ever thought about doing a game, and I hadn’t. I mean, I’d played some of those games on my phone as a way to waste time, but that’s it,” Tweed-Simmons told The Telegram. “He said, ‘You should do one,’ and I said, ‘Like what — ‘Attack of the Groupies’ or something? He said, ‘That’s a great idea.’”

The game features an animated Tweed-Simmons fighting off hordes of crazed female groupies intent on getting their hands on her man.

Players help her by planting money trees, which can be used to buy weapons like the All-in-One remover gun (wiping the make-up and the smiles off the groupies’ faces); the Skunkinator, a bomb said to smell like skunks, rotten eggs and the soul of a gremlin; or Frank, a former secret service agent turned bodyguard.

If the ladies make it as far as Tweed-Simmons herself, she knocks them away with a karate chop and a “Bam!”

As levels are unlocked, so are photos and other never-before-seen material.

Tweed-Simmons and her daughter, Sophie, did voiceovers for the game.

Sophie, who helped design the weapons, introduces them as they are unlocked by the player; Tweed-Simmons’ catchphrases include “Maybe I can reason with them. … OK, maybe not,” and, “I’d challenge her to a battle of wits, but I don’t think it’d be a fair fight.”

Tweed’s sister, Tracy, is also featured in the game: players can purchase an optional 99-cent upgrade and unlock her as a superpower to help them.

The comedic groupie characters, including the red-dressed Barcelona and glitter-eating Big L., are based on real people, Tweed-Simmons said.

“They came from real-life stories, right down to the look of some of the girls,” she said, laughing.

Tweed-Simmons is a native of Markland, near Whitbourne, who moved to Saskatchewan when she was 11.

Although she still has family and friends here, she made her first trip back to this province since 1982 last year, when KISS headlined the Salmon Festival in Grand Falls-Windsor and she did a cameo on CBC-TV’s “Republic of Doyle.”

An actress who’s appeared on shows such as “Days of our Lives” and in dozens of films, as well as being named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 1982, she’s been living with Simmons for almost 30 years, and the family has their own A&E reality show, “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels.”

Last year, Tweed-Simmons told interviewers her relationship with Simmons was over, and TV viewers saw the couple break up, go to counselling and get married at the end of October, after Simmons professed his love on a bended knee.

They got some flack from viewers for faking the troubled scenes to increase ratings, although Tweed-Simmons denies it.

Life is much more calm these days, Tweed-Simmons said.

“Everything’s going good. Marriage is fun,” she said, adding the show is currently filming.

The upcoming season will see the couple travelling to Africa and South America.

Tweed-Simmons, admitting it’s strange to see an animated version of herself, is hoping her new game is a success.

“It’s not going to make or break me if it doesn’t, but it would be fun if it does well,” she said.

“Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupies,” rated PG, is available in the iTunes store. The first level is free to download; the full game costs 99 cents for iPhone, $1.99 for iPad.

Fans can enter to win “Attack of the Groupies” gear, including an iPad, iPad covers, posters signed by Tweed-Simmons and Gogii Games swag, by visiting

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