Fresh Tracks - Scott Downey

Published on June 28, 2013
Scott Downey - Submitted photo

Scott Downey was born in Stephenville Crossing, and went to Assumption High School. He was reared up by his Aunt Millie and Uncle Scott who lived “up the brook”. He is left handed and started playing his uncle Terry’s right-handed guitar at the age of seven.

Downey would visit his uncle Terry’s house everyday to play with his cousin Van. During his visits he would also pick up his Uncle Terry’s guitar and try to play some chords. It didn’t take long before he was playing chords (upside-down mirror images) and he could play melodies and chords that he heard by ear.

As the years went by, Scott became good enough to play in the community church band and in local high school groups including a band called Crystal Pyramid. He remembers that his first gig was playing at the Assumption High School gym for a sock hop and each member of the band received 50 cents for the show.

He returned to Stephenville Crossing and decided to use the same band name “Crystal Pyramid.” The band consisted of Downey on vocals and lead guitar, Carmen Laney on drums and Sean Russell on bass guitar and vocals. The band played locally for a few months and then was asked to join another band called “Turok,” who were based in Stephenville. Scott joined the band and then travelled across Newfoundland playing in different clubs and stadiums.

 During the past 25 years, he has continued to play guitar and spends a lot of time writing his own material. With the advent of new high-quality recording technology and the ability to record your own material at a low cost, his enthusiasm for writing songs exploded.  He was able to write and record more than 50 songs in less than three months. His debut CD “Believe” is the culmination of that creativity and energy. The songs on his debut CD include inspirational songs such as “Believe” and “Rising Up”; love songs such as “Love of My Life” and “25 Years”; and uptempo songs you can dance to such as “Dance With Me Tonight,” and “You Don’t Know A Thing About Me.” Downey states that he hopes his original material finds an audience that enjoys his style of music, especially songs with an acoustic guitar.

Downey’s CD “Believe” is now available at CD Baby, or iTunes. Click here to listen to Scott Downey.