C.B.S.’s group of five plan exhibit

Published on March 13, 2014

A group of local women who share a passion for painting are planning their annual exhibit and sale at Worsley Park in Conception Bay South.

Studio5 is hosting its fourth annual exhibit and sale on Sunday, March 23. As in past years, another 14 local artists will participate in the event, which opens at 11 a.m. and continues until 5 p.m. The show will feature close to 100 pieces of work along with the opportunity to meet the many artists.  

The women who comprise Studio5 are as diverse as their painting. Formed in 1996 when a couple of the members decided to take some lessons, the group has evolved and witnessed some changes in members over the years.

Studio5’s artists are Joanne Stone, Tessa Crosbie, Glenda Bartlett, Velma Dalton Boudreau and Shelly Blundon. Each woman has a different story about starting painting and becoming an artist.

Joanne said she always sees more than what is there, so at 46 she took her first painting workshop. “Then and there I was hooked. I now call myself an artist. ”

Drawing and doodling started in childhood, yet it wasn’t until 1999 that Tessa took up watercolour painting as a millennium project.

“I think the doodling paid off,” she said.

Glenda said she has been painting for about 25 years and “got started more or less as a personal challenge as I was told as a child that I had no talent.”

She set out to dispel that, and in her late 30s set out to see if that was true or not.

“I believe that I have busted that myth,” she said.

Velma did not attend her first art class until 2002, but said artistic endeavours have always been a part of her life. She grew up in the fishing community of Little Catalina “where, as you can imagine, art classes of any sort were almost non-existent during the 1950s and 1960s.”

She has been painting regularly since that first class.

Shelley’s background is different in that she loved drawing and colouring as a child and was fortunate to have art instruction throughout her school years.

“Art was then put on the shelf as life got in the way,” she said, “until 1997 when I started taking classes. I now avail of every possible opportunity to continue my education. I am consumed by and passionate about my artwork, and will always be so as long as I can hold a crayon.”

All five artists are members of the Art Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (AANL) and participate in the association’s exhibits and workshops expanding their knowledge of various mediums.

The women regularly work together and draw inspiration from one another. However, they also focus on their own individual initiatives. In the past year, some of the members have exhibited at galleries such as Five Island Gallery, Neil’s Yard Gallery and Step a Side Gallery.  

Studio5’s members are also known as promoters of original art in the C.B.S. and Paradise areas. They have donated original paintings in support of local community projects such as the Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast’s annual auction and Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre’s auction, and also donate to their individual charities.

Worsley Park is located at the end of Chamberlains Road in C.B.S.

Manuels River

Representatives of the Hibernia Management and Development Co. were at the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre last week to announce an $840,000 contribution for education programs.

The funding will be used to design and deliver four years of science lessons for elementary to high school students.

While at the event, guests could sample the menu of the new onsite coffee shop which started business last month. Coffee Matters is the new operator of the café overlooking Manuels River. The café is open early morning into the evening and a welcome addition to the centre and the town.

Joan Butler is a lifelong resident of Kelligrews, Conception Bay South. She can be reached by email at joanbutler@ymail. com.