‘Don’t wait too long’

Concert years in the making tells story of couple’s’love

Josh Pennell Josh.pennell@thetelegram.com
Published on May 29, 2014
Husband and wife Kirk and Cathy Newhook are getting together for a concert at the LSPU Hall Friday. — Submitted photo

If ever there was a show that was meant to be, it’s one taking place this Friday at the LSPU Hall.

The show features Cathy Newhook and the Blue Sky Thinkers, but it’s the story of Kirk and Cathy Newhook, and this show is material sweet enough for any songwriter to swoon over.

Six and a half years ago, Cathy was looking for a local guitar player so she could start booking her own shows. One such talent was too busy to take her on and gave her Kirk’s number. She didn’t know him, but gave him a call to see if he was interested.

“He agreed, to my surprise, because I thought he was just going to give me some general direction to go call some other people,” Cathy says.

The duo made plans to meet at Kirk’s music studio.

It was a bit of a rocky start. Cathy says Kirk stood her up once and was decent enough to let her know he was cancelling another time. But the third time definitely was the charm. Cathy sang him a couple of songs.

“When I first heard her voice my jaw dropped,” says Kirk.

The two struck a chord together, to say the least.

“He agreed to take it on. That and a whole lot more I guess,” Cathy says.

The first song they worked on together was a Madeleine Peyroux tune called “Don’t Wait Too Long.” Neither realized at the time exactly how true the title of that song would ring. Kirk and Cathy never did play a gig together at an actual venue. After their second rehearsal, Kirk invited her to a party so they could show off their talents a little. That was about 6 1/2 years ago. They’re married now and have two kids. And while music has always been a part of their lives and they now know tunes from across many genres together, they never did play that first show they were working on.

Until now.

This past Christmas, as a present to Cathy, Kirk lined up a band, booked the LSPU Hall, and did up a poster for a show called “Don’t Wait Too Long” — Cathy Newhook and the Blue Sky Thinkers.”

“We didn’t want to get away from what brought us together,” says Kirk.

“We didn’t want to wait too long,” Cathy chimes in.

Accompanied by a seasoned band, Cathy says she and her band will find the balance between the folk sound she feels her voice has always gravitated toward and the jazz influence Kirk has brought to them playing together. In every way, this show is a union of people and sounds.

Tickets can be bought at the LSPU Hall box office in St. John’s. The show is this Friday at 8 p.m.