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Another North releasing CD, touring Atlantic Canada ... all in the same week

Published on August 1, 2014

Songwriters write from life — it’s what they do. They draw inspiration from heartache, heartbreak and heart connections and turn it into music that resonates, because it’s relatable.

Aaron Morgan of local rock group Another North will even draw from other people’s relationships, if they hold a connection with him.

“Antidote,” a tune from the band’s upcoming debut album, “Nomadic,” was inspired by feelings Morgan gleaned from witnessing his parents’ marriage, though he never told them.

“My dad was having to work away for a while, and they’d been together since they were in high school. Just that duration of time spent apart, I could see the toll it was taking on both of them. I wrote the song about how there’s that special person who can keep you grounded and strong and moving forward and the person you are,” Morgan explained.

Morgan’s parents learned the song was about them when they tuned into a recent interview Another North did on CHMR radio station.

“They said it was really nice to hear,” Morgan said, smiling.

You might have only recently started hearing about Another North — Morgan on lead vocals and guitar, Vince Neville on guitar, Brad Wells on drums and Justin hickey on vocals and bass — though they’ve been together for about five years and have a friendship that stretches much further back. It’s because, Morgan said, it’s only recently that things have started moving forward for them in a way that’s meaningful, professionally and artistically.

The key moment for the guys was last fall, after attending MusicNL week in Gander.

“When we performed, we felt kind of validated,” Morgan said. “Performing in that space with other people we respect and look up to, and then learning so much on top of that, definitely lit the fire.”

The band had long been writing music at that point, and are releasing “Nomadic” on Tuesday, featuring a collection of original songs that vary in terms of style and genre, from progressive rock to alternative to pop to folkier tunes, reflecting the guys’ progression over the past five years.

You’ll find the classic love theme — along with “Antidote” is, for example, “Oh My Electrician,” a song, Morgan said, about being in love, whatever that means to a person.

“It could be long-term, it could be a short thing. That song encapsulates that feeling. Feeling electric with that person, you know?”

“Live Like Bear” is a social commentary about the western lifestyle and ambition that includes materialistic things as well as relationship status.

Ambition is a big part of Another North’s profile at the moment. Right after the CD is officially released, they’ll embark on their very first tour, hitting Legends Lounge in Gander Aug. 7 and covering the three Maritime provinces before ending up at The Ship for a show with Waterfront Fire and Jerry Stamp on  Sept. 5.

Stamp, who was with Morgan when he performed for the first time, in 2007, has been helping the band out along the way, Morgan said.

Stamp reckons Another North has a niche in the local music scene.

“I think the Newfoundland and Labrador rock music scene is heavily laced with indie styles right now,” Stamp told The Telegram.

“(There are) lots of great indie bands, but that indirectly has created a void of more mainstream rock acts. Another North fills that void. That makes them a little more accessible.”

The ultimate goal for the guys in Another North — who each have day jobs, ranging from heavy equipment operator to autism therapist — is to be able to make a living with their music.

“It’s the end goal,” Morgan said. “Up until now, we’ve been playing it really safe. There’s always that thought in my mind that if I gave it everything I had to give, all my time, could we achieve more? Would it be better? There’s only one way to find out.”

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The members of Another North — (from left)  Brad Wells, Aaron Morgan, Justin Hickey and Vince Neville — are releasing their debut album, “Nomadic,” and leaving on an Atlantic Canadian tour next week. — Submitted photo