Money saving grocery apps

Published on August 14, 2014

Gone are the days where saving money on groceries consisted solely of looking at flyers and using coupons.

I still use flyers and coupons, but I also use websites and apps to make life much easier, and save that much more money on my grocery bill each week.

Whether you use an iOS or Android device, below are two programs that can revolutionize the way you shop for food.


Every Thursday morning this app outlines a series of grocery product offers with an assigned savings value.

Super simple to use, here’s how it works: you pick the product offers you like, purchase them at any store and upload a photo of your receipt through the mobile app or website.

Checkout51 will confirm your purchase and credit your account. When your account reaches $20, you are mailed a cheque.

To give you a glimpse, this past week I had offers for milk, Kashi and Vector cereals, Becel, Hellman’s mayo and Materna among many others (20 in total). Offers vary in payback value.

Last week, most offers were ranging from $1 to $2, with a couple select offers of $5 and even $10.

What’s great about this app is that it doesn’t matter where you buy the food and what price you pay for it — you can still combine a flyer price plus store or manufacturer coupon to purchase an item to save even more money. Recipes are occasionally featured for the offered products, too.


Appropriately named, this app is all about flipping through weekly flyers and saving money.

How it works: quickly browse through flyers to view the brands you love, highlight the best deals across flyers and then clip items straight to your shopping list for easy viewing.

The app also makes it easy to share deals with your network of family and friends.

In my opinion, the coolest feature has got to be the discount slider. It can highlight items on sale through all flyers that meet a specific threshold, (say items that are at least 25 per cent savings) easily allowing you to find the best and biggest deals.

Equally cool is that you can look for and compare the best weekly deals for one particular product through all flyers.

Say you need milk. By searching just for “milk,” Flipp will literally flip through all flyers and compile all milk prices, making it easy for one to see where the best deals are. Instead of putting pen to paper to keep track of your shopping needs, you can clip items for any and all flyers straight to a shopping list. Once an item is purchased you can delete an item from your list.

Saving money on the ever rising price of groceries is awesome, but it can come with a price.

I feel compelled to let you know that many of these companies do use and sell the information you supply — such as your email address — to big brands and companies that may try to market other products to you.

If you don’t mind this, then great, as you may be in store for even more deals delivered to your inbox.

If you are wary of companies having your personal information, then apps like these probably aren’t for you.  

Amanda O’Brien is a registered dietitian in St. John’s. Contact her through the website: