Linda Blagdon’s first book, ‘Vacant Chairs,’ is an Amazon bestseller

Published on September 13, 2017

Linda Blagdon’s first book became a bestseller on Amazon Tuesday.

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Poet Linda Blagdon, originally from Francois, became a bestseller on Amazon Tuesday with her first published work.

Blagdon’s poetry collection, “Vacant Chairs,” reached No. 1 in two categories: Amazon Canadian Poetry Bestsellers and Amazon eBook Canadian Bestsellers, Engen Books said in a news release. The book also peaked on the Amazon Bestsellers list at No. 286.

Wednesday afternoon, Amazon had the hard copy listed as temporarily out of stock.

“’Vacant Chairs’ is a collection of 68 poems from native Newfoundlander Linda Blagdon which highlight the struggles and joys of growing up in Newfoundland,” Engen Books writes. “These poems reflect on the nature of family and friends, based on Blagdon’s own experience or stories passed down via the Newfoundland oral tradition. Ranging from humorous to tragic, and from inspirational to personal, ‘Vacant Chairs’ provides a window into the depth of one woman’s experience of Newfoundland culture, tradition and faith.”

Blagdon said she’s beside herself after becoming a bestseller.

“I honestly do not know what to think or feel, and I am so grateful,” she said.

Her next book, being released soon, is a cookbook soon written for dialysis patients.