Dorchester prison on lockdown following death

Cult leader the victim of an apparent assault

Ashley Fitzpatrick
Published on February 27, 2011
Justice scales
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Cult leader Roch "Moses" Thériault was found unresponsive in his prison cell in Dorchester, New Brunswick on Saturday. The victim of an apparent assault, he would subsequently be pronounced dead.

Thériault was serving a life sentence for murder, one he committed while leading a bizarre cult at Burnt River, Ont., between 1977 and 1989. He killed one of his cult members, Solange Boislard, through disembowelling.

As recently as 2009, his name had returned to the news, as Correctional Service Canada (CSC) stepped in to keep artwork he was creating from showing up for online auction at murderer memorabilia sites.

L'Acadie Nouvelle newspaper first reported Thériault’s death on Saturday. The CSC issued a press release this morning confirming.

“As in all cases where an individual dies while in custody, the RCMP and coroner have been called to investigate. Correctional Service Canada is also conducting an investigation into this incident,” the statement reads.

Dorchester Penitentiary has been in lockdown since the discovery of Thériault shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday. The CSC has said the medium-security facility will remain on lockdown until further notice, to allow for ongoing investigations.