Crawley begins $165,000 Nalcor job

Steve Bartlett
Published on June 6, 2011

Former premier Danny Williams’ chief of staff has landed on his feet with government’s energy corporation.

Brian Crawley started with Nalcor Monday. He’s the new manager, integration, with the Muskrat Falls project.

The contract position pays a $165,000 per year, with a benefits clause.

Nalcor’s communications manager, Dawn Dalley, said late Monday afternoon that Crawley will facilitate a management committee and oversee aspects of the system as well as joint development agreements.

“He’s a traffic cop, and on issues that come up, he’s the guy that needs to get everyone in the room and (work) it out until it’s done ... like the chief of staff of the project.”

Critics of Crawley’s contract may cry patronage, but Dalley says Nalcor advertised the position and Crawley responded.

“Whether or not people believe us, he actually applied on that role and was interviewed for and was the most qualified person,” she said.

“He has excellent experience and I don’t think anyone here is going to apologize for having him here, because he’s got a good background. He’s got a lot experience that fits particularly for that role. Boy, I tell you, most folks here are going woo-hoo.”

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