Rafael stirs up surf in Trepassey

Breakwater damaged, leaving rubble all over road to lower coast

Deana Stokes Sullivan dss@thetelegram.com
Published on October 18, 2012

Trepassey resident Sharon Topping says she thought hurricane Igor hit the area hard in September 2010, but that was nothing compared to what she witnessed today as post-tropical storm Rafael battered the southeastern tip of Newfoundland.

Topping spent most of the day today taking photos of the wave action and damage caused by the high seas. She said a newly repaired breakwater was one of the storm’s victims, leaving a pile of rubble on the main road to the lower coast, isolating residents in about 20 homes on the lower coast.

“The sea has been terrible,” Topping said. “It actually knocked me to my knees,” she said, explaining that she was taking photos on a grassy area away from the shoreline but the surge flowed over the land with such force, she couldn’t stand up against it.

Topping said about 20 surfers in wetsuits were enjoying the waves in an area of calmer waters.

She said there are reports that the wave action could be even worse tonight.

Environment Canada issued an advisory today of possible powerful storm surges as the remnants of hurricane Rafael passed by the province.