Accused murderer’s friend has memory gap

Published on November 16, 2012
Steven Neville — Telegram file photo

One of the men in a car with accused murderer Steven Neville the night of a double stabbing had trouble recalling conversations from that night while testifying Thursday.

Questioned by Crown prosecutor Robin Fowler at Neville’s trial in Newfoundland Supreme Court, Kyle Miller made frequent use of the word “unsure” during his testimony.

“A lot of it is kind of a blur,” he acknowledged early on.

Neville is accused of stabbing Ryan Dwyer and Doug Flynn on Oct. 9, 2010 in Paradise. Flynn died from stab wounds to the temple and chest, while Dwyer received wounds to his arms and back and spent a week in the hospital.

Neville is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Miller said he was in the vehicle driven by Mike Crant as it passed a house where a party was taking place on Carlisle Drive in Paradise on the night of the stabbing. Also in the vehicle were Neville and Craig Gorman, who testified at the trial on Wednesday.

Miller said he had been drinking that night and had snorted cocaine and smoked marijuana. He recalled someone shouting as the vehicle passed the house, but didn’t remember who it was. Somebody asked to stop the vehicle, but Miller couldn’t say who.

Miller said Neville did eventually get out of the vehicle, though Miller didn’t get out himself until sometime later. He saw Flynn on the ground near the sidewalk and Dwyer on the ground, but said he didn’t really know what had happened.

Miller said he later walked along a trail leading to Topsail and eventually met up with Neville, but couldn’t recall much of their conversation.

After Miller and Neville got a ride to Miller’s house from Crant, Miller said Neville seemed “a bit shook up,” but he didn’t remember much else. He said they later met up with three girls behind a school near his house. One of them was Neville’s girlfriend at the time.

Miller said he doesn’t remember what was said at the school, but that Neville gave his girlfriend a hug and left with the three girls in a vehicle. Miller said he didn’t see Neville  again after that.

Didn’t get along with Dwyer

Asked about his relationship with the victims, Miller said he didn’t get along with Dwyer since Dwyer had threatened him in the past, and he didn’t consider him a friend. He said the same of Flynn.

Miller said he and Neville were friendly with Dwyer’s younger brother and that Neville had given the teen cocaine after having borrowed $65 from him. He said Dwyer later confronted Neville demanding money from him in light of the incident.

Miller said he was sober when the cocaine exchange took place and that Neville gave Dwyer’s brother half a gram, worth approximately $40. Miller said Dwyer’s brother was sick afterwards.

Miller also admitted to owning a knife found at the crime scene.

His testimony is expected to resume this morning. Crant is the next witness scheduled to testify.

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