RCMP to use new, fuel-efficient pursuit vehicle in future

Published on December 5, 2012
At left is the new Ford Police Interceptor. At right is the last Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor to be brought into the RCMP Newfoundland and Labrador fleet. — RCMP photo

The Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, the mainstay platform for police vehicles in North America for years, has been discontinued by Ford as of the 2012 model year, the RCMP says.

The last Crown Victoria delivered to the RCMP in this province is in St. John's now, and will go into service at Baie D'Espoir on the province’s south coast.

The replacement model will be the Ford Police Interceptor — the first all-wheel drive pursuit-rated vehicle.

A news release notes the Ford Crown Victoria was widely used by the RCMP over the years, its styling had not really been changed since 1998 and the basic design dates to 1979. The car’s simplicity and its rugged, body-on-frame construction made it an ideal vehicle for police use.

The Ford Police Interceptor has little in common with its predecessor. The new model comes with a more fuel efficient 3.5L V6 and six-speed automatic transmission. (The Crown Victoria had a 4.6L V8 and four-speed transmission).