Paradise and St. John’s are getting closer than ever

Steve Bartlett
Published on September 19, 2012
A proposed subdivision on the edge of Elizabeth Park (centre) would straddle the boundary between Paradise and St. John’s. — Screenshot courtesy Google Earth

A large Paradise subdivision could soon spill over into St. John’s.

Paradise Properties Ltd. is proposing a residential development that would extend Elizabeth Park over the town’s boundaries and into the capital city.

Of the 250 homes in the preliminary plan, 170 would be in St. John’s.

The houses and streets would only be accessible through Paradise, and staff from the municipalities are trying to hammer out a services arrangement.

It would see St. John’s collecting taxes from residents within its boundaries and then paying Paradise to provide them with services such as garbage collection and snowclearing.

“We’re working out the details,” Paradise Mayor Ralph Wiseman said. “It’s premature to comment on it any more than that.”

Tom Hann, the St. John’s councillor who heads the city’s planning and housing committee, said the proposed development is a good example of how regional co-operation can work.

“We’re hoping that we can reach some sort of agreement,” he said, adding he’d like this development to prompt more co-operation between metro area municipalities.

Developments that transcend municipal borders are relatively rare.

The Brookfield Plains subdivision on the old Sprung Greenhouse property is often cited as an example, but that development is entirely in St. John’s. However, It can only be accessed through Mount Pearl.

The Telegram was unable to contact anyone at Paradise Properties Ltd.

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