From Manuels to the Playboy Mansion

Published on September 8, 2012
Playboy model Stephanie Branton of Manuels poses outside the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles recently. Branton was recently hired to do an online pictorial for the iconic magazine. — Submitted photo

A young C.B.S. woman is living out her dream in Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of Newfoundland models like Shannon Tweed and Danielle House as a Playboy model.

Stephanie Branton, 22, of Manuels, had been modelling here at home for a while, and recently spent a year working in Toronto. There, she made a friend who was involved in the Playboy Golf Tournament, and went with her to L.A. for the event.

At the tournament, Branton was approached by two casting directors who asked her if she was a Playboy model. When she said no, they asked her if she’d like to be one.

Branton shot a pictorial and videos for Playboy, which were released on the magazine’s website this week as part of its “Northern Stars” series.

There are two versions of the pictorial: one in which she’s scantily dressed, and one, available for viewers who wish to create an online account, in which she’s nude.

“Playboy is the only brand that I would pose nude for, to be honest,” Branton told The Telegram. “I find their magazine and their pictorials quite classy, and you’re not doing any obscene gestures or stuff like that. Playboy’s such a legend and I’ve always admired it, and when I got the opportunity, I was hands-on, interested right away.”

Branton has been to the Playboy Mansion, but hasn’t met Hugh Hefner yet — he normally only attends big events like his birthday or summer parties, and even then, just for a few minutes, she said.

Branton’s mom and dad have seen her pictorial.

“They’re my Number 1 fans, I think. My mom’s my best friend and she saw it as soon as it came out, and she told me, ‘I’m so proud of it, and I don’t think it’s distasteful at all.’ My dad — I don’t know,” Branton said, laughing. “I’m sure he’s seen the clothed one, and he liked it, too. He’s OK with just seeing that one, I think.”

Branton moved to L.A. three months ago, where she’s pursuing her modelling career. She’s interested in all types of modelling — though at five-foot-seven, she said, she’s a little too short for runway work, and would love to do fashion modelling or pose for magazines like Maxim or FHM. She’s already got other projects with Playboy in the works.

“I’m open, of course, to all of it,” Branton said. “Modelling is just so much fun for me. Playboy has always been my goal. I’d love to be a Playmate.”

Branton plans on one day looking Tweed up in L.A.

“It would be so nice to meet a fellow Newfoundlander,” she said.

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