Television, Internet to be offered to patients through new bedside terminals: Eastern Health

Published on October 17, 2013

Eastern Health announced today improvements to optional patient entertainment and communications services at the Carbonear General Hospital, the Burin Peninsula Health Centre, and the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville.

Patients will be able to purchase access to television programs, Internet (including Skype) and telephone service through touch-screen bedside terminals.

According to a news release, the bedside terminals will replace previous patient television and telephone systems that were obsolete and not always available to all patients. Patients will now have access to modern and user-friendly entertainment and communications options.

The terminals will also provide clinicians with secure access to patient records, laboratory tests and X-ray results conveniently from a patient’s bedside, therefore reducing the need for bulky computer systems on wheels in patient rooms or the need for clinicians to review results from their offices.

“Introducing the new bedside terminals is a step forward in improving and streamlining patient care,” said Dr. Oscar Howell, vice president responsible for Healthcare Technology and Data Management at Eastern Health.

“This system will allow our medical staff to increase the time they spend on patient care, giving patients more individualized attention by having quick and convenient access to the records and data that they need.”

The new bedside terminals services will be available starting Monday in a phased-approach.

Patients at these facilities will have the option to purchase either a stand-alone service or multi-service options for 24-hour periods, depending on an individual’s entertainment and communications needs.

The costs for optional patient services via the new bedside terminals will be as follows, including HST: Telephone service, $3 per day; Internet service (including Skype) $5.00 per day; telephone and television services, $11.50 per day; or the full entertainment and communications package (including telephone, television and Internet services) $13.50 per day.

Eastern Health operates under the Public Tender Act. The 10-year contract was awarded to Lincor Solutions to provide bedside terminals specifically for Carbonear General Hospital, the Burin Peninsula Health Centre, and the Dr. G. B. Cross Memorial Hospital in Clarenville.

Varying levels of entertainment and communications services are already in place with other service providers at remaining sites through the Eastern Health region. As these contracts expire, the Public Tender Act will be utilized to accept submissions from vendors who can provide similar system services.