Ten-month sentence for woman caught at court with knife in bra

Pleads guilty to 15 charges covering eight-month period

Published on October 4, 2013
Defence lawyer Karen Rehner, left, chats with her client, Brittany Jenkins, prior to the 20-year-old’s sentencing on several matters. — Photo by Andrew Robinson/The Telegram

Brittany Jenkins has been going through a rough period in her life based on the number of charges she pleaded guilty to Thursday afternoon at St. John’s provincial court.
But given her age, Judge Lois Skanes hopes the 20-year-old can eventually put those moments behind her and one day live a happy life.

Skanes sentenced Jenkins to 310 days in jail Thursday, a little more than 10 months. She has 254 days remaining on that sentence based on time served. Jenkins will also be subject to an 18-month probation order upon being released from custody.

Jenkins, who turned 20 last month while she was remanded in custody, was facing charges in relation to seven separate incidents from December 2012 to August of this year.

The most notorious incident was perhaps her arrest on June 13 when sheriff’s officers discovered Jenkins was concealing a knife in her bra as she attempted to pass through a security screening area. She initially insisted the equipment was detecting wiring in her bra, but eventually gave the officers her knife.

Jenkins was facing a total of 26 charges, and entered guilty pleas Thursday on 15 through defence lawyer Karen Rehner. The Crown agreed to withdraw the remaining 11 charges.

She told police in December that a man robbed her and tried to sexually assault her near Wellington Crescent in Mount Pearl by pushing her into the snow and attempting to remove her pants. Jenkins said the man stole her purse, which contained $300.

Police noticed her clothes were dry and that there was little evidence of a struggle taking place in the area. When it was suggested security cameras at a nearby school may have caught the assault, Jenkins admitted her claims were made up. She was supposed to use $300 to pay for her boyfriend’s bail, but had reportedly spent it instead.

Jenkins pleaded guilty to committing two thefts in St. John’s, one in March at a Shoppers Drug Mart on Lemarchant Road and another the following month at Sobeys on Merrymeeting Road.

Jenkins threatened to break the windows of a former landlord’s property in July after the landlord refused to return her damage deposit. The landlord had recently evicted Jenkins from that property. Later that month, she gave a false name to Bell Island RCMP.

In August, Jenkins was caught stealing a purse that contained $600 from a vehicle parked outside a salon on Bell Island. Police arrested her at a friend’s apartment. Jenkins was located hiding in a bathtub and later kicked an officer in the chest as police attempted to get her inside a vehicle.

Altogether, Jenkins pleaded guilty to three counts of theft, one count of public mischief, one count of causing a disturbance, two counts of uttering threats, one count of unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon, one count of assaulting an officer, one count of providing a false name, and five counts of breaching court orders.

During her appearance Thursday, Jenkins appeared to be uncomfortable in the presence of cameras. She raised her middle finger at a reporter taking pictures and cursed at another filming her.

The 20-year-old has a prior record, and her lawyer told the court that Jenkins has dealt with substance abuse issues.

Crown prosecutor Michael Murray requested a 12-month sentence for Jenkins, while Rehner suggested an eight-month sentence was more appropriate.


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