96-year-old bags eight-point bull

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Published on October 8, 2013
Laura Wood travelled to Sandy Lake Lodge from Nova Scotia for the second year in a row. The 96-year-old is pictured with the eight-point bull moose she got this year. — Photo courtesy of Si Thompson/Special to the Advertiser

Last year Laura Wood of Nova Scotia had bragging rights, but this year she has even more.
During last year’s moose-hunting season in this province, the 96-year-old woman travelled from the Yarmouth County area of southern Nova Scotia with family members in an attempt to shoot her first moose.

“The first year I got a cow,” Wood told The Advertiser in a telephone interview last week.

But she wanted to come back this year for the second time.

“So I could get a bull,” she said. “I wanted the bull so I could put the horns up on my porch.”

Wood said she has been hunting for decades.

“I have ever since I could first get my licence to go deer hunting. ... I don’t know if it was 16 or 18 that you could get a licence,” Wood said. “I’ve had a licence for a long time and I most always get one every year.”

When she decided she wanted to try her hand at moose hunting for the first time last season, she chose a family friend’s place, Sandy Lake Lodge, 35 miles south of Grand Falls-Windsor as a crow flies.

“I knew Dick and Anna (Fevens),” Wood said. “They live in (Lower) Argyle and they come up here sometimes to play games.”

The Fevens come to the lodge twice a year — spring and fall — and go back home to Nova Scotia for the rest of the year.

Grand Falls-Windsor’s Si Thompson was Wood’s guide during the week of Sept. 16.

On the first day they got some animals but never got a good opportunity for a shot, Thompson said.

“On Wednesday morning she come across this bull and she was successful in taking it down,” Thompson said. “I don’t think there was any more proud than I was. She was awesome.”

Wood is the oldest person Thompson has ever taken hunting.

“She wouldn’t have it any other way,” Thompson said. “She drew the first blood, and usually after that I move in. ... I just laid down the knife and she picked it up and had to get involved in it too.”

Overall the family had a successful week, he said. Her grandson got the first moose for the week for that family — a six-point bull. Then Wood got the eight-pointer, and her son, Laurie, got a little spike horn.

Thomson said Wood’s drive and determination, along with her strength, were amazing.

After getting her moose on Wednesday, she took the afternoon to play cards, Thompson said. Thursday morning wasn’t a good morning, so Friday Thompson and Laurie Woods planned to do some walking, but they weren’t going without Wood on the last day of the hunt.

“While she was with us, we saw seven animals that morning,” Thompson said.

“She is just a joy to be around. There is nothing in the world that I don’t expect from her now. There’s always bear hunting, and there’s always caribou hunting.”

There are some factors playing a role in if she is coming back.

“That’s according to how I feel,” Wood said. “I’m only 96 so I don’t plan to go too many more years.”

She enjoyed both her trips hunting in Newfoundland to the fullest.

“It was a very nice trip. Everybody was good to me,” Wood said. “(It was) the very best trip you would want. I had a very nice time. I did enjoy it the first time, but I enjoyed it more the next time because I got my bull moose.”

She does have another goal now that she got her bull — she is waiting to go hunting to get a buck.

Why hunt for eight decades?

“Just because I love it,” Wood said. “I love the outdoors and I love the beauty of it all. The Lord is so good to me. He gives me such good health and everything.”

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