Newfoundland men save shark choking on moose hide

Karen Wells
Published on November 21, 2013
— Submitted photo

NORRIS ARM NORTH — A shark with a taste for moose hide can thank a couple of Newfoundlanders for saving its own hide.

Derrick Chaulk and Jeremy Ball of Norris Arm North can be credited with saving a shark that washed up on a beach in Norris Arm North this past Saturday, Nov. 16.

Ball discovered the shark, which the men think from their own research is a Greenland shark. Chaulk went to see what he thought was a beached whale from a distance, but realized it was a shark upon closer inspection.

One of the men nudged the shark and the tail flicked, surprising both of them because they thought the shark was dead.

They realized the large piece of moose hide that was protruding from its mouth may have been stuck. Chaulk said people are known to clean moose they hunt in the area and may have discarded of the hide in the water. After pulling the moose hide from the sharks mouth, Chaulk said they immediately noticed the gills moving.

Their efforts to revive the shark were successful and it was eventually able to swim away, much to the delight of the two men involved in the rescue and a group of curious onlookers.

The Pilot has contacted the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to get confirmation as to what type of shark this was. Look to the Nov. 27 edition of the newspaper for more details on the shark and the rescue effort.