Methamphetamine seized in Placentia

Published on November 27, 2013
This photo from the RCMP shows methamphetamine pills, stamped with the word, “Ice.”

RCMP officers in Placentia have seized marijuana and several dozen prescription and non-prescription pills, including methamphetamine, from a home in the area.

And, according to the RCMP, officers who searched the house Tuesday noted that several pills were labelled “Ice,” with the name stamped on the pills. Ice is a common street name for methamphetamine.

 The RCMP says this is the first time this type of drug has been seized in the Placentia area.

A 64-year-old man was arrested at the scene and later released. A charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking is pending.

 The RCMP in Placentia would like to remind the public of the danger these drugs pose and are encouraging parents to talk with their children about the risks of drug use.

 The RCMP is also asking the public to contact local RCMP detachments or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS) if you have any information about drugs or crimes.