Photographer’s choice: Keith Gosse

Keith Gosse writes about his most memorable shot of the year

Published on December 31, 2013

During a standoff with police in May, Justin Wiseman could be seen in the window of a house on Springdale Street in St. John’s brandishing what appeared to be a shotgun and in this photo held it up to his chin. — Telegram file photo/Keith Gosse

The Telegram asked its team of photojournalists to pick one image from 2013 that meant the most to them. Here is Keith Gosse’s selection:

The photo I took of Justin Wiseman holding a shotgun under his chin is probably the one that stood out more than any others this past year.

It was, I hope, the culmination of a long and chaotic time for a troubled young man who eventually pleaded guilty to two armed robberies and a list of other weapons charges and court order breaches.

I arrived on Springdale Street late Saturday evening after I was tipped off by a friend of mine about an incident in the area. I found part of the lower section of the street cordoned off and the members of the RNC tactics and rescue unit dressed in body armour and armed with assault rifles as they gingerly manoeuvred around one particular house in the area.

I could hear and see some of the officers crouched behind a car and talking to someone in a house across the street. Looking down the street, I couldn’t see who they were talking to, so I decided to walk around the neighbourhood to get a better view of the scene.

I eventually ended up on Gilbert Street looking directly at Wiseman, who was standing in a second-floor window holding a shotgun. He would alternate between talking to and screaming at police who were trying to negotiate his surrender. At one point he shouted to police to shoot him. While I was photographing this, he went from holding the gun to one side to holding it under his chin. He would eventually stop talking with police.

As dawn arrived, the police used a remotely operated camera to look into the windows of the house. They eventually stormed the house and took Wiseman into custody. Read the original story here.