Hockey jersey fuss leads to resignation of entire association executive

Robin Short
Published on February 21, 2013

The Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association is a rudderless ship today following a mass resignation of the group’s executive.

The entire executive, from president Trish Sullivan on down, has resigned their positions as a result of a situation which got out of hand involving peewee hockey jerseys.

According to sources, a parent of one of the peewee A players offered to provide new jerseys for the team, compliments of a corporate sponsor.

The association’s executive rejected the idea, noting the team currently has sponsored jerseys, and the idea of teams purchasing their own hockey jerseys would set precedent.

Undaunted, the parents on the team purchased a new set of jerseys, at which time the Clarenville minor executive ruled the players could only wear the new duds in practice, and not in games.

That decision led to a flood of emails and telephone calls to members of the minor hockey executive, some of them bordering on harassment, one source said.

The executive approached Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador seeking support. The governing body for hockey in the province informed the association that it essentially was an in-house rule, and Clarenville minor hockey should enforce it.

At that point, the child of the parent who initiated the jersey-purchase was suspended by Clarenville minor. The association was informed by Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador the suspension was without merit, and the player should be reinstated.

The Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association agreed to do so, but a written letter of apology was required from the parent, which was delivered.

Shortly after the suspension was lifted and the apology was received, the association’s executive met as a group. It was at that point in time the executive members began receiving harassing emails on their smart phones.

That led to president Sullivan immediately submitting her resignation, followed shortly afterwards by the resignations of the entire executive.

Sources say the executive remains resolute in its decision.

As for the Clarenville Area Minor Hockey Association, one source suggested the association might be disbanded if the current executive or a new executive is not put in place.