Fee increases announced in 2013 budget

Barb Sweet bsweet@thetelegram.com
Published on March 26, 2013

Drivers who register their vehicles online will no longer get a discount.  Among the many fee increases announced in Budget 2013, the province announced it is doing away with the 10 per cent discount, which it says was only brought in to encourage online registration which has grown to 60 per cent of all permit renewals.

The discount is gone as of April 1 so then drivers who pay online or at the Motor Vehicle Registration office will pay the same - $140 a year.

Eliminating the discount adds another $2.6 million a year to the provincial coffers. Seniors however will still get a 35 per cent discount online - but will now pay $91 a year.

Online discounts are also eliminated for recreational trailers and motorcycles.  

The new fee for trailers will be $38, while motorcycles will cost $75 to register. The new fees for seniors registering a trailer are $24.70 and $48.75 for motorcycles.

Taxes are also going up on tobacco - 1.5 cents per cigarette, effective 12.01 a.m. Wednesday. This brings the province another $8 million annually.

Also, provincial historic sites will no longer have a free day of admission each week and admission fees will go up at all locations.

Health and Community Services will be charging 20 per cent more for health services provided to non-residents of Canada and people who work for non-provincially insured agencies.

For everyone, the daily rate for hospital rooms will also go up  - semi privates increase to $102 a day from $85 and private rooms go to $120 from $100.

Non insured surgical procedure rates for elective surgeries go to $1,100.

And ferry users will pay 10 per cent more, bringing an additional $490,000 to the province.

As well the Department of Transportation and Works is introducing a new highway access permit fee for residents and businesses looking to establish a right of entry from a provincial road to their property -  $100 for residents and $500 for businesses.

Tender documents are going to cost more too. Previously the province gave away all documents less than 30 pages, charging $20-$50 for larger documents. Now anyone wanting a copy of tenders  - no matter the size of the document  - will pay $20 plus printing costs.

Forestry permits are going up, as well as animal health fees for farm operators.

There are a host of other increased fees such as tax clearance certificates, labour standards clearance certificates, teacher certification fees.

And there are new fees being charged to private training institutions.

Certain licences will go up in the fisheries sector  fish buyers/processing licensing fees, species licences and licensing of aquaculture sites.

Quarry fees are also going up - from 50 cents per cubic metre to 65 cents per cubic metre, raking in $600,000 more.

The attached tables shows the list of fees included in the 2013 budget.