Janeway Foundation ecstatic about YouTube video

Published on May 19, 2013
A screen image from Janeway Telethon promo video
— Telegram file photo

By Garrett Barry

Special to The Telegram

The manager of the Janeway Telethon says she’s blown away by the newest Janeway Foundation video that has hit the web — and the response it has generated.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” said Ruth Squires, manager of the telethon and gift planning for the Janeway. “We’re almost up to 46,000 views now, and the response from everyone has been amazing.”

“We are getting emails constantly, phone calls — it’s just been amazing. … The kids love it, the staff love it, everybody that we’ve talked to, everybody is raving about this video.”

The foundation, in partnership with Wavelight Productions, released a promotional video for the Janeway Telethon Wednesday. It features a song written by composers Jody Richardson and Grant King and sung by many local musicians, including Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! and Geraldine Hollett from The Once.

The song lyrics, video producer Krysta Rudofsky explains, were taken from interviews with children about the Janeway. Some of the interviews are shown in the video.

She says the studio was inspired in part by the group Flight of The Conchords, which created a video with a similar concept for a New Zealand children’s medical charity.

 “We approached the Janeway because we wanted to do something fun,” Rudofsky said. “We were looking for something different that would get lots of attention, something that people would share on Facebook.”

She says the studio was helped along the way.

“People are so supportive of the Janeway hospital and the incredible work that the foundation does, so every musician we contacted came, they voluntered their time to be a part of this great initiative. It was just all done in good fun,” she explains. “I can’t think of anyone who said no for any particular reason (other than scheduling issues).

“We had such a ball doing it,” Rudofsky said. “(The children) were so genuine and sweet with us. We loved the process of interviewing them. I have kids myself and have always loved interviewing children.”

The foundation is pleased with how the video turned out, Squires said.

“We saw it for the first time on Monday, and we were just blown away. … This was a big surprise for us, too.”

The Telethon takes place every year to raise money for the Janeway Foundation. The money goes toward buying specialized equipment for the Janeway and funding medical research.

This year, the Telethon will take place June 1 and 2 on NTV.

“The place is just abuzz. It’s full of excitment,” said Squires. “It’s going to be a great couple of days.”

The video can be viewed here: