Cat shot in both eyes with pellet gun

Shelter shocked with senseless act of cruelty

Published on July 12, 2013
Sona, a severly injured cat brought to an animal shelter in Stephenville, is comforted following surgery. — Photo by Gwen Samms, manager of SCAPA (Society for the Care and Protection of Animals),

Staff of an animal shelter in Stephenville received a severely injured cat Tuesday that had been shot in both eyes, apparently with a pellet gun, and had an infected, mangled leg.

There has been no arrest yet in this apparent act of animal cruelty.

Gwen Samms, manager of SCAPA (Society for the Care and Protection of Animals), said the pregnant female cat named Sona was found in the nearby town of Mainland.

“They’re saying (that she was a community animal) but this cat was too friendly. The staff at the vet, and everyone who met this cat, are saying the same thing, that this cat was owned by somebody at some point. This is not a feral, wild cat,” Samms said.

The staff at West Coast Veterinarian Services in Stephenville began operating on the animal’s injuries Wednesday.

“They managed to clean out the one eye where the eye was actually gone, and they got that stitched up, but the pellets or whatever it is, are still embedded deep inside,” Samms said. “They’re not sure yet if they can even remove the pellets.”

The unborn kittens had to be removed from the cat.

Samms said animal cruelty is still very common and is often linked to mistaken beliefs about the ability of certain animals to feel pain.

“To give you an example of how some people think, one of the people that we were speaking to out there (argued the cat was) not in any pain, animals don’t feel pain,” Samms said.

 “And he wanted us to leave her there to roam with a mangled, infected leg, and (at least) one eye gone.”

Members of the Mainland community have indicated they want the cat returned after her surgeries are complete.