Meetings on possible resettlement set for Gaultois, McCallum

Clayton Hunt
Published on August 2, 2013
The residents of McCallum will have an opportunity to ask an official with the provincial Department of Municipal Affairs questions about the government’s new resettlement program that was announced in the 2013 provincial budget. The community has about 90 residents today and may be resettled in the next few years. — File photo by TC Media

Andrew Wright, an official with the provincial government’s Department of Municipal Affairs, will be in Gaultois and McCallum in late August to hold an information session about possible resettlement.

Government announced in the 2013 budget that families in a community where 90 per cent of the residents voted to move could receive as much as $270,000.

Tracey Perry, the MHA for Fortune Bay-Cape La Hune, said the meetings would be general information sessions during which residents could ask questions about the program and address any concerns they may have about the matter.

Perry said that the meetings were prompted by action from the Gaultois town council who asked for the meeting, and by an interested group in McCallum that also requested a meeting with government personnel on the issue.

Apparently, a recent unofficial poll in McCallum resulted in 79 per cent of eligible residents voting for resettlement.

An unofficial poll was also conducted in Gaultois, but results were not made known as of the reporter’s deadline.

According to Perry, an unofficial poll was also conducted in Francois which saw about 50 per cent of eligible residents voting for possible resettlement.

According to a government spokesperson, the Department of Municipal Affairs has not received any contact from Rencontre East officials about the new resettlement announcement.

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