Mount Pearl gone to the dogs — in a good way

City launches new park by Power’s Pond for canines large and small

Published on August 28, 2013
The new Mount Pearl Dog Park was officially opened Tuesday. The site offers separate enclosed areas for small dogs and large ones. — Photo by Andrew Robinson/The Telegram

As people clapped with enthusiasm following Mount Pearl Mayor Randy Simms’ cutting of a ribbon outside two fenced-in areas, the sounds of barking dogs could be heard.

Those woofs may very well have been their own way of voicing approval for a new, spacious dog park the city officially opened on Tuesday.

The new Mount Pearl Dog Park is a 37,500-square-foot facility located in Power’s Pond Park on Clyde Avenue.

“This park is for dogs and, more importantly, for the people who love them,” said Simms.

The fenced-in areas will serve to separate small dogs (those 25 pounds and lighter) from large ones. That feature appeared to be popular with those who took quick advantage of the park following the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“I’m delighted,” said Theresa Poole, who brought her year-and-a-half-old dog, Bella, to the new park on Tuesday.

“I used to bring my little dog over to the other park, but she was really intimidated by the bigger dogs, so at least now I can have her here. She’s running around having fun.”

The old dog park on Olympic Drive was closed effective Tuesday.

Sandra Tizzard feels much the same as Poole with regards to her own dog, Buddy, whom she hopes will be better able to socialize by coming to the new park.

“He’s a shy dog. He doesn’t mix well. So what I like about (the park) is the small dog section, because he seems to be intimidated by the large dogs.”

The park is built on a sloped terrain and includes trees and other natural vegetation.

The park grounds are a combination of gravel and grass, with benches, security lighting, and a water fountain also set up there. The city collaborated with the Grand Concourse Authority on the park’s design and construction.

“We were in here last night, and I’ve got to tell you, this is a stunning facility,” said Coun. Paula Tessier, who brought along her dog, Jack, for Tuesday’s official opening. “Arguably the nicest dog park in the province.”

Simms said the park will likely be used by thousands of dogs looking to run freely when given the chance.

“We think we’re meeting an actual need and a positive development for the residents of the city of Mount Pearl,” he said.

“By the way — just because you ain’t from here don’t mean you can’t have your dog in for a little time at our park. We want everybody in the region to feel that this is a good place from time to time to let their favourite pet run.”

The new park cost the city $130,000.

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