High winds blow shipping container into St. John’s harbour

Published on January 23, 2014

The extremely high winds today have blown another container from the Oceanex pier into the water of St. John’s harbour.

The container was carried across the harbour this morning to end up against the dock at Pier 17.

Workers were on the scene securing the container, along with the help of a Newdock tugboat.

According to Environment Canada, strong southwesterly winds have been reported this morning over the Burin, Bonavista and Avalon peninsulas.

Wind gusts upwards of 110 km/h will persist over these areas early this afternoon, except over the southern Avalon, where wind gusts have reached as high as 130 km/h.

It’s the second time this month a container has blown into the harbour.

On Jan. 15, in high winds, a strong gust blew an empty container into the harbour.