Woman sentenced for orchestrating robbery, beating

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Published on January 24, 2014
Allison Clements hides her face from reporters’ cameras as she is led into provincial court in St. John’s Friday. Clements, who was involved in a violent robbery in December 2011, was given a jail sentence of 15 1/2 months.
— Photo by Rosie Gillingham/The Telegram

Breaking into a house to steal Percocet pills may not make you an upstanding citizen.
But it doesn’t mean you deserve to be beaten and robbed.

“The bad character of a victim is irrelevant,” Judge David Orr said Friday in provincial court in

St. John’s in sentencing the woman who orchestrated a man’s beating.

“It does not affect his right to be protected. Violence is violence. Robbery is robbery.”

Orr then gave Allison Clements a 15-1/2-month jail term.

The 22-year-old was credited 189 days for the time she’s already served behind bars, leaving a little more than nine months on her term.

Clements pleaded guilty to robbery with violence, along with nine counts of theft under $5,000 and a breach of court orders.

The robbery happened in October 2011.

Shortly after the man had broken into a house in Shea Heights, he texted Clements to tell her he had Percocet pills and asked if she wanted to get high with him.

She accepted and arranged to have him meet her at the west  entrance of Bowring Park.

When he arrived, Clements and her three friends — two men and a woman — attacked him, dragging him out of his car and assaulting him. They took his pills, his wallet and his hoodie, then took off. Their plan was to sell the drugs.

Between October and December 2011, Clements also stole from eight liquor stores in the metro area.

It took a while before police caught up to her. She was nowhere to be found and a warrant had been issued for her arrest.

After spending more than a year in Alberta, she was arrested in February 2013, when she returned to this province.

She was in and out of jail three times after that.

She was released on court orders shortly after her arrest, but was back in jail a few months later when her guarantors withdrew. They later agreed to vouch for her again and she was released.

She was kept in jail after she was arrested in December 2013 for swiping mascara from a Shopper’s Drug Mart.

Crown prosector Lisa Stead suggested a two-year jail sentence. She said while Clements had no criminal record before the robbery, “It was a setup. They lured him there,” she said. “He thought he was going to do drugs with his friends.”

She also noted that none of the items Clements stole were recovered.

Defence lawyer Arnold Hussey said Clements has a troubled background, having lived in foster homes and group homes. He said she became addicted to drugs at an early age and was also sexually assaulted as a young girl.

“It seems she’s determined to change her life around,” said Hussey, who said Clements plans to stay on the methadone program.

He suggested Clements be sentenced to less than a year in jail, including a nine-month term for the robbery, which is what her co-accused, Jessica Bonnell, got when she was sentenced recently.

Orr agreed that Clements receive the same nine-month sentence for the robbery. He gave her 6 1/2 months for the thefts and breach.

Orr also took into consideration Clement’s youth and the fact she had no previous criminal record.

He said since this will be her first significant period of time in jail, it should not be unduly harsh.

“The emphasis should be on rehabilitation …,” Orr said.

“Her addiction to drugs seems to have coloured her actions at the time.”

Once released, Clements will be on two years’ probation.

The conditions of her probation include that she not take drugs and have no contact with the three other people involved in the robbery, or the victim.

Clements is prohibited from having a firearm for 10 years and must submit a DNA sample.

Meanwhile, one of the men suspected of being involved in the robbery — Paul Gavin — is facing charges and is due in court Jan 31. There’s a warrant issued for the other man, Dylan Downer.


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