Man airlifted to hospital after snowmobile accident.

Published on January 25, 2014

A 42 year old Kippens man has been air lifted to Western Memorial Regional Hospital following a single vehicle ski-doo collision. The male's ski-doo collided with a stump that was hidden in the snow causing the him to be thrown.

The accident occurred approximately 15 km from the Cold Brook Trails parking lot. An off duty RCMP officer and an off duty nurse happened upon the injured male who was with friends. They provided first aid and logistical support to other first responders.


Stephenville Ground SAR transported Russell's Ambulance paramedics to the location of the collision and the male was stabilized for transport to hospital. A helicopter from Universal Helicopters of Pasadena was requested by health officials. The man was treated for non-life threatening injuries after being flown to hospital.


Alcohol is not believed to have been a factor in this incident.