RNC says don’t call if damage under $2,000 in motor vehicle collision

That is, unless there are injuries or indications of impairment

Josh Pennell Josh.pennell@thetelegram.com
Published on March 12, 2014

The RNC is reminding people of how and when to properly report a motor vehicle collision to avoid their communications offices being inundated with unnecessary calls.

Const. Geoff Higdon says their communications division gets a lot of calls in general, many of which aren’t even police related.

“People call us for everything. That’s what people do with police. That’s how we work,” he says.

Specifically in the case of motor vehicle accidents, though, a collision only need be reported to the RNC when the damage exceeds $2,000, or in the case of injury.

“We only show up if there’s any issues with injuries, extreme damage or the vehicles can’t be moved from the road,” Higdon says.

If there aren’t any injuries and the damage is small, there isn’t any need to call the RNC.

“People could just exchange information and move their vehicles and that’s it.”

In the situation of no injuries but the damage is over $2,000, if the vehicles can be moved, Higdon suggests people move them and then go to an RNC office to file the report.

It used to be that accidents with damage exceeding $1,000 were to be reported to the RNC, but that was changed in the Highway Traffic Act to $2,000.

Higdon says if an officer responds they will generally do up an accident report regardless if the amount of damage is greater than $2,000 but they would like people to keep the proper procedure in mind.

“If we went to every single collision then we would literally be tied up with just collisions all the time,” he says.

Any collisions where there have been injuries or it is suspected that a driver may be impaired by drug or alcohol should be reported to police by dialing 911.