UPDATE: Suspended driver owes $160K in tobacco-related fines

Published on April 27, 2014
RNC news 12

A St. John’s man with over $160,000 in outstanding fines for tobacco-related convictions was allegedly caught driving with a suspended licence Saturday night.

Bradley Theodore O’Toole, 30, appeared in court Sunday morning. Judge Pamela Goulding agreed to release O’Toole, who is now scheduled to appear in traffic court June 5 to deal with a summary offence for driving with a suspended licence.

According to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary’s overnight report, a vehicle was pulled over Saturday night on Dillon Crescent in Shea Heights. The vehicle was impounded following O’Toole’s arrest.

In that same overnight report, the RNC noted O’Toole has outstanding fines exceeding $160,000. Based on earlier media reports, most of that total would relate to a 2008 conviction for possession of unstamped tobacco products and possession of contraband tobacco.


He was fined $14,000 for the first charge and $173,597 for the second one for a total amount of $187,597. The fine for possession of contraband tobacco was originally due to be paid within three years of his conviction.

On June 12, 2006, police seized 600 191-gram bags of fine-cut tobacco from an apartment in Kilbride. Police also seized almost 1,400 cigarettes.


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The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary caught up with a motorist Saturday night whose outstanding fines have been piling up.

According to the RNC’s overnight report, a vehicle was stopped near Dillon Crescent in the Shea Heights area of St. John’s. A 30-year-old man was charged with driving while suspended.

The driver’s outstanding fines exceed $160,000. He was held in custody overnight and is scheduled to appear in court Sunday morning. His vehicle was impounded.