UPDATE: Investigator dragged by alleged shoplifter's car

Published on April 5, 2014

An attempt to steal items at a Mount Pearl grocery store preceded an accident in the parking lot, according to witnesses at the scene.

A chaotic scene erupted in the parking lot of the Coleman's grocery store in Mount Pearl around the supper hour when a woman crashed her car into the cart corral and damaged three other vehicles in the process.

Witnesses say it appeared a plainclothes private investigator was trying to apprehend the woman for allegedly shoplifting from the store when she jumped into her car and tried to drive away. The investigator was apparently dragged several metres before the suspect lost control of the car and crashed into the cart corral, destroying the corral and pushing it into the other vehicles. The woman then got out of the car and ran away from the area.

The parking lot and store was crowded with other shoppers but, according to officials on the scene, there were no injuries to customers, the suspect or the investigator.

The female suspect was apprehended a short time later. According to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's overnight report, a 46-year-old woman is facing charges of theft, assault with a weapon, and obstructing a peace officer. She is scheduled to appear in court Sunday.

A tow truck removed the suspect's vehicle from the scene.

Previous story:

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary are presently at the scene of Coleman's supermarket in Mount Pearl.

A car driven by a woman — who reportedly attempted to steal items from the store — was involved in an accident on the parking lot.

Witnesses at the scene told The Telegram that when the woman left the store without paying, a security guard chased her and held on to the car she was driving.

The car went out of control and landed on its side next to a cart corral.

Details in this story have been changed to correctly identify the worker who attempted to apprehend the suspect.