Charges stayed in Infotel case

Barb Sweet
Published on May 1, 2014

Charges have been stayed in a Competition Bureau of Canada case against a company involved in telemarketing activity in this province.

A spokesman for the bureau confirmed the proceedings have been stayed against all individuals and will be stayed against the companies.

Criminal charges were filed against the three brothers and six companies under the Infotel umbrella in April.

Brothers Shawn Frank, Gordon Frank and Ted Frank, all of Montreal,  were accused in 2010 of running a telemarketing scam.

The company involved, Infotel, received provincial government tax breaks and federal aid of more than $200,000 to set up in St. John’s.

Some of the alleged criminal activity took place in the local government-supported call centre. Infotel also operated facilities in Montreal and Toronto.

The feds alleged that the Infotel telemarketing operation generated $60 million in revenue between 1999 and 2004.

The Competition Bureau alleged that Infotel companies contacted businesses and not-for-profit organizations and misrepresented themselves as the victims’ regular supplier of business directories.

The directories cost hundreds of dollars each.

The St. John’s Infotel call centre changed names shortly after being raided by police and federal agents in December 2004 and later closed.