Paradise couple province's latest millionaires

Published on May 14, 2014

When a prankster wins $1 million, it’s hard to convince those who know him that it is true.
"My brother said if he came down and I did not win, he would have to kill me. He had to see the ticket for himself," Rick Traverse said.
"(Mother) told me I was crazy. She thought I was drinking on Mother's Day."

Rick and his wife, Marion Traverse of Paradise, were presented with the million dollar cheque today at Atlantic Lottery’s Newfoundland and Labrador office in St. John’s.

The couple are winners of $1 million on the $100 Million Prestige Scratch’N Win ticket.

Rick purchased the ticket Friday night while picking up some items for a Mother’s Day party at Marie’s Mini Mart in Paradise.



Rick and Marion Traverse of Paradise accept their $1 million dollar scratch 'n win top prize from Dana Grant, Atlantic Lottery account manager, at their headquarters in St. John's today. — Photo by Rhonda Hayward/The Telegram