Rules announced for open air, outdoor fireplace fires

Published on May 30, 2014
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The St. Johns Regional Fire Department is reminding all citizens that, as the summer season approaches with its drier conditions, a burning permit is required for all open air burning.

The use of approved outdoor fire places (Chimneas) are permitted without a permit providing they are:

• Installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions if supplied;

• Located at least three metres from any building, structure or combustible material;

• Capable of completely containing/enclosing the fire;

• Equipped with a spark arrester and/or screen to prevent escape of sparks and/or embers;

• Placed on a firm and level surface which has a non-combustable base beneath it, a minimum of 0.5 m completely outside the perimeter of the unit;

• Attended by someone with access to a fire extinguisher, bucket of water or another water source while operating;  

• Used only with seasoned wood;

• Used only when wind speeds are not in excess of 25 km/h;

• Used only when smoke does not cause an annoyance to adjacent properties.

A copy of the complete regulation(s) can be obtained on the St. John’s, Mount Pearl and Paradise websites.

For further information or assistance concerning this or any other fire safety related matter within the region serviced by the St. John’s Regional Fire Department please call 576-3905, email or fax at 576-8635.