Shipping company in court to face charges relating to crew member’s death

Rosie Mullaley
Published on June 10, 2014

The case of a locally-owned shipping company charged in connection with the death of a crew member of a tug boat last year was called in provincial court in St. John’s today.

Miller Shipping Ltd. was represented by Halifax-based lawyer Mark Tector.

Tector told Judge Pamela Goulding that he needed time to review the evidence in the case.

He and Crown prosecutor Robin Fowler agreed to postpone the case until Aug. 14.

The company faces several counts under the Canada Labour Code — breaches resulting in death or injury, failing to ensure that each employee is aware of all health and safety hazards, failing to ensure supervisors are adequately trained in health and safety and failing to develop a prescribed program for the prevention of hazards in the work place.

The charges were laid as a result of an incident that happened in May 2013 near Burgeo.

The man was killed when a tow line snapped and struck him while the The Western Tugger was towing a barge loaded with steel bars, about 70 kilometres southeast of Burgeo.