Labrador paving project over budget

James McLeod
Published on June 11, 2014

The controversial Trans-Labrador Highway contract associated with premier-designate Frank Coleman won’t come in on time, or on budget, but Transportation Minister Nick McGrath said it’ll be close.

Officials with Transportation and Works spent half an hour briefing the media, stressing that disruptions in the paving schedule was an “act of God” due to forest fires.

McGrath announced that Pavex will do the 60 kilometres of paving, along with several other road work jobs in Labrador. The total cost will be $37.2 million.

The portion of the job that’s associated with the Humber Valley Paving contract of last year will cost $9.5 million, which is around $1.5 million more than originally expected.

McGrath said he believes the government couldn’t have gotten it done any cheaper; in effect, the extra $1.5 million is just the cost of the forest fires.

Coleman was owner of Humber Valley Paving until around the time that he jumped into politics. He will become the next leader of the PC party and the premier of the province in a few weeks.

Humber Valley Paving was let out of the original money-losing contract after Coleman’s son, Gene Coleman, called McGrath and talked about it with him.