Man who allegedly threatened police in custody

Old Perlican health centre secured quickly after incident

Published on June 12, 2014
A man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to harm police, and possibly health centre employees, in Old Perlican Wednesday morning. The suspect is led back into the health centre following his arrest. — Photo by Nicholas Mercer/The Compass

It was tense in the area of Old Perlican on Wednesday when a threat made on the health centre in that community around 11 a.m. led to a lockdown.
The public was asked to not visit the facility as the RCMP responded to the situation and any patients in need of emergency care were told to call an ambulance provider or report to the emergency department at the Carbonear General Hospital.

Later it was revealed by an RCMP spokesman a man allegedly threatened to obtain a weapon and cause harm to police and “possibly employees at the health centre.”

The incident drew an immediate reaction from health centre employees, and a rapid response from the RCMP, with officers rushing to Old Perlican in large numbers.

The health centre was quickly secured by police and nearby Baccalieu Collegiate was placed in secure mode.

Police then began looking for the man suspected of calling in the threat.


The search

Harvey Froude, who lives in nearby Lead Cove, told The Telegram Wednesday afternoon seven police cars were next door to his house earlier in the day.

“They were just next door to me. They got the police dogs,” he told The Telegram.

Froude was outside speaking with a neighbour when police blocked the road and an officer came down to tell him he had to move off the street.

“Stay inside,” the officer told him.

A Sibley’s Cove resident also spoke with The Telegram.

“As far as we know there was a lot of cop cars here, some of the police with guns drawn,” said the resident who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation.

“The road had been blocked off but it’s not now. A paddy wagon just went up the road. You never know, do you? Yesterday it was enough to break your heart seeing those Mounties being buried. … We used to keep our doors unlocked here one time, but we lock the doors now.”

The resident was referring to a horrific shooting in Moncton, N.B., that left three RCMP officers dead and two others wounded just six days prior to the incident in Old Perlican. On Tuesday, a national tribute was held for the officers who were killed.


In custody

Police confirmed later Wednesday afternoon that a male resident of Sibley’s Cove had been taken into custody. Officers tracked the man to his home in Sibley’s Cove, where he was arrested without incident.

An RCMP spokesman said the man will undergo a mental health assessment, and no charges are likely.